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There is no dark mode on WordPress’s Android app, this close to 2019? :@@@@@

Anyway I’ve been thinking about creating content a lot, and actually probably for longer than most people have even been on the Internet. Pretty lame, come to think of it. I’ve been facilitating other people’s content for most of my life, but I’ve never really created my own content and always have a million excuses for why this is the case. Some excuses even worse than others.

So maybe that should all just change. One idea I’ve been playing around with is to create content in Japanese. OKAY my Japanese is still shit but maybe if I use YouTube as a vehicle I could change that, after all, I have been studying it for a pretty long time now, over 2 years I guess.

Maybe this is still an excuse but frankly the English speaking market just intimidates me and the Dutch market is just boring as hell.

Geez i dunno. More to come. I’m writing this at a very inconvenient time… 😅