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These leftists revere Marx, and they think everyone does this in the same way with some kind of authority / thought leader, so if it’s not Marx to us, who can it be?

Obviously, the answer is PewDiePie, or Jordan Peterson, or, well, you name one – not limited to these people, but, these “thought leaders” are simply the enemy of their thought leader, Marx. So those people are the people who get attacked: followers of the bad bad thought leaders.

This is how these leftist group thinkers think, because they lack the ability to think for themselves in the same way that a psychopath lacks the ability to empathize with another person. They simply do not have original thought capacity. It is missing. The brain function is not there.

And they don’t understand, in the same way that someone who doesn’t have a functioning corpus callosum does not understand why everyone else is not capable to write with one hand while at the same time making a drawing with the other.

We have to keep fighting them because they have the disease, the handicap, of not being able to think for themselves. We don’t have this handicap. We do have the capacity to think for ourselves without the need for thought leaders and we do have the ability to empathize.

So we love PewDiePie simply because he’s a damn good person, and a loveable guy. Nothing to do with ideology. Leftist group thinkers simply make us deviant because we fight for the right to think for ourselves. And they detest us for it. They want to be the thought leaders in the same way Marx is the thought leader to them.