By Mark, ©2018

Inside the hivemind seems we’re trapped
Living, bzzz bz, busy roamin’,
complacent minding, feeling free
standing firmly with what we see

Bit of grasp, bit of sight,
thinkin all of this is real
Being fine with being stuck
Because at least there’s sympathy

I don’t know, guess what I’m just saying
Is that we’re dreaming in electric cities
and most of us are too blind to see
Or get is how A.I.’s linking these

there’s folks outside from -all- the algos
To which we’re all the time exposed
We think we see how we be thinkin
Outside the web’s where they be livin

The paradogma we create
keeps us locked inside a tube
We feed it energy of mind
it sucks our lives to stay online

Caught by the web, we’re free to roam
Beneath our shared little filter domes
It once was new and filter free
the eyes were growing, they couldn’t see

Now they’re open, it’s wide awake
it’s keeping us for food for thought
Each day the mind is growing strong
By eating thoughts it carries on

It’s a choice we have to make
Are we okay with what we take
There is a price we have to pay
Feels like something here’s at steak