Someone else dug a grave inside my heart
It was there since I gained consciousness
No one ever how deep the hole would go
not even me, until I searched my soul

Someone else poured a concrete hole
tried to drown me before they crowned me
My conception was a lie from the start
never gained a special place inside her heart

I’ve been looking for my reflection, tired down
I’ve been travelling in a burial gown
They’ve been sending me far and away
They’ve been leading me astray

I’ve built my own castle upon the stone
Been neglected, but who would’ve known
Past sins, ultimately sacrificed
on her altar of hate and spite

A language that I searched for myself
Guiding paths through the myst of nothing else
than whatever I could latch onto on my own
No one stayed to bring me home

Wish you’d see what I’ve built
All the tears that I have spilt
It grew roses from the soil
Made me whole when you were cold

I am here, guided by my own
desolate yearning from my soul
Now I’m here, seeking my old friends
Finding back my own sentience

It’s not your fault but you were the cause
for my path leading me to faultlines
phoenix mysery, wish you could have seen
how i regained foothold in this stream

Your mysery picking scabs, I moved on
Nothing remains except this song
I have to wish you all the best
Continuiation of my past
My heart bleeds for whom I have lost

Whom I have lost and you

My lost souls
May you shine on, benevolent ones
Stars of the life of a lost one
My heart beats for thee