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ITM and welcome to my No Agenda website! My name is Mark, a.k.a. voidzero, father of my two dear sons, husband to my loving wife, and Linux engineer by hobby and by trade.

This website functions as my blog and my contact page, in particular for my involvement with The No Agenda Show although you’re always welcome to contact me.

As No Agenda’s tech honcho propter bonum publicum I have worked as one of the stream and site engineers since its inception in 2007, and from 2014 onward as the architect of No Agenda’s self-homed podcast distribution system and 24/7 audio stream. Check my about page for more information on me.

Right now I am designing the No Agenda Infra version 5, using NixOS.

Drop me a line on IRC, send me a nostr post, a mastodon toot or a tweet.

NEW: You can now also visit my Onlyfans!



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Created:  Fri 14 Jul 2023 04:20:00 PM UTC
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