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The Powerhouse of Tech Behind the No Agenda Show!

Are you ready to meet the driving force behind the No Agenda Show’s 24/7 stream and podcast distribution system? Look no further than Mark van Dijk, the self-taught Linux engineer and principal architect since the No Agenda Show’s groundbreaking inception in 2007. Brace yourself for a high-energy journey through Mark’s remarkable story!

Mark is not just a tech wizard; he’s a proud father of two incredible sons and a devoted husband to his loving and supportive wife. Professionally, with his passion for technology and unwavering dedication, he is working to transform his hobby into a thriving self-employed business venture.


Mark’s expertise does not stop when his projects have been brought to fruition: these days he aims to shine through his mastery of NixOS, a Linux distribution that is taking his professional journey to new heights. While still an adept for now, the sheer pleasure he finds in working with NixOS is infectious, fueling his drive to continuously innovate and push boundaries.

No Agenda Family

According to those who know him, what truly sets Mark apart is his unwavering gratitude for the No Agenda podcast family. Through the highs and lows they have been his rock, standing by him every step of the way. It’s no wonder Mark proudly declares himself part of The Best Podcast Family [in the Universe].“

Join Mark on his exhilarating mission to deliver top-notch technical solutions and unparalleled support. His infectious energy and unwavering commitment will leave you inspired, empowered, and eager to become a part of the No Agenda Show legacy.

Get ready to embrace the power of Mark van Dijk - the unstoppable force powering the No Agenda Show to new frontiers!

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